Angel of Vengeance

Angel of Vengeance

Angels of vengeance strike down those who wrong a deity. They also punish disloyalty and failure among the devout. The angel is a strange being as it looks humanoid but has not facial features, metal wings and the body flows in cold energy. They carry a golden sword which can cast fire or cold energy from. The angel transforms into a 30-foot-high pillar of blue flame also.

An angel of vengeance focuses on a single target. It evokes its sign of vengeance at the start of battle, then teleports to the target and spends an action point to use double attack against the foe. The angel continues its relentless pursuit of the target, paying little heed to events around it.

Deities send angels of vengeance to punish those who have defied or angered them. A god might also send an angel of vengeance to test one who is in danger of falling off the deity’s path, showing no mercy for failure. Influential members of a clergy use a ritual to call forth their deity’s wrath in the form of one of these angels. They are rare and sometimes found under the service of Selune, Tempus or Tyr.


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