Over long winters or on high mountain peaks, human remains become freeze-dried husks with perfectly preserved hair, clothes, and skin, but without any liquid remaining in their fl esh. When animated, these corpses become icegaunts, intelligent undead tied to alpine glaciers and vast polar ice caps.

An icegaunt is a weathered, wrinkled creature with blue like skin and a cold, bony handshake. It can speak, though only haltingly and in a harsh rasp common to frostbite victims. Its clothes are sometimes covered with frost or ice, but otherwise normal for the terrain. Careful observers will notice that icegaunts do not breathe.

Icegaunts are commonly the result of sacrifices to mountain gods. In a few cases, icegaunts are created from the bodies of polar explorers, who then wander endlessly, seeking to lead others astray in a frozen death. Because their well-preserved flesh makes them appear more aged than withered, icegaunts can sometimes fool others into following them. As false guides, they inevitably lead others into glacial crevasses or avalanches, or onto dangerouslythin ice.

Icegaunts speak Common.



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