Displacer Beast Pack Lord

Displacer Beast Pack Lord

Displacer beasts are fierce and vicious, and hate all other creatures. These sentient, magical cats often kill purely for pleasure, though they never fight among themselves. This beast uses a magical displacement ability, a form of illusion which causes it to appear to be a few feet away from where it actually is. This makes the creature hard to hit, while it attacks with its long tentacles. The displacer beast is the natural enemy of the blink dog. The hide of a displacer beast has many useful magical properties, making it highly sought after by wizards. Many thieves use the eyes of a displacer beast as good luck charms, believing that they will protect the bearer from detection.

They resembles a black puma with a pair of powerful black tentacles sprouting from its shoulders, and two to four additional forelimbs. They are colored blue-black, like a dark panther. The tentacles are tipped with horny edges which can inflict terrible wounds and resemble the club-shaped catching tentacles of a squid.

The displacer beast pack lord is a huge version of the common beast. They are massive and roam in the cold and warm forests of Esperia. They are more common in the outer planes like The Beastlands and The Wild. Many believe that the displacer beast is a unholy beast under the command and will of the god Malar.


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