Earth Elemental Weird

Earth Elemental Weird

The Elements are known as one of the many primal sources of magic. Mortal mages and even beings of the outer planes draw on the energies of the Inner Planes to fuel their magic, but elemental weirds, as beings of the elements themselves, surpass them all at drawing on raw elemental power. For an elemental to become an elemental weird is to drink deep from the wellspring of magic, soar on the winds of fate, cast sorceries as the roots of the mountains, and burn with the fires of power, fully seizing their birthright as elementals. Those elementals and genasi who walk this path gain a terrifying mastery of the magics of the elements.

Elemental weirds are sometimes called the archons of the elements but they not really celestial but instead advanced elementals that can cast spells and use weapons and armor.

The earth elemental weird looks humanoid in shape but made up of solid sand, rock and dirt. They carry a hammer and wear a helmet and little armor. They worship the god of earth Grumbar and speak the same language of other rock creatures terran. They are more common on the Elemental Plane of Earth.


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