Seismosaurus, Dinosaur

Seismosaurus Dinosaur

Seismosaurus was an enormous, long-necked, whip-tailed, small-headed dinosaur. It was among the longest land animals that ever lived. Seismosaurus’ nostrils were at the top of its tiny head. Its small mouth had peg-like teeth, but only in the front of the jaws. Its front legs were shorter than its back legs, and all had elephant-like, five-toed feet. Its short legs may have helped stabilize this enormous dinosaur.

Seismosaurus held its neck more-or-less horizontally (parallel to the ground). The long neck may have been used to poke into forests to get foliage that was otherwise unavailable to the huge, lumbering varieties of sauropods who could not venture into forests because of their size. Seismosaurus is a herbivore




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