Tyrone Tumblebit

Oldest brother to Tibble, Tyrone Tumblebit learned of his younger brother’s demise at the hands of Ogres.  All Tumblebits, young and old, mourned the loss of poor Tibble.  Passionate Tyrone, however, vowed vengeance.  He retired from artistry and sculpting, and begged the god Garl Glittergold for guidance.  Garl Glittergold spoke to Tyrone, and sent him on a quest out into the world to seek vengeance and glory in the name of Tumblebit.

Upon his first adventure, his faith was tested, and ultimately subverted to following the goddess Anaphis O’Phys.  In light of the subversion, Garl began to sway poor Tyrone, deluding him to believe his new god’s name to was “Analfist”.
…and so it was that Tyrone Tumblebit began to worship the goddess “Analfist”.
During his worship and adventure, Tyrone accompanied his newfound comrade Ragnar into a hidden room in search of treasure.  In a surprise twist of misfortune, an unsuspecting brown Bear Rug rose as if possessed by demons, and struck poor Tyrone down in two fell swoops.
Tyrone collapsed in a pile of dismembered flesh and entrails, and thus ended the tale of Tyrone Tumblebit.

In a far away land, word of Tyrone’s demise echoed back to civilized lands.  A piercing cry of anguish, followed by an angry shout of defiance could be heard throughout the gnomish land of Erbiddle

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