Dark Grasp

Dark Grasp

The grand city of Bane is located in the mid west of the north just above the Hornfang Mountains. The blacked stone walls of the city are stained with smoke and the loudness of the place can be heard for about a mile. The city has a large moat that protects it from people that should not venture to far. The only people interested in the city is the Zhentarim, worshipers of Bane, assassins and spies. Merchants and slave lords are common in the market place and it also contains the largest church dedicated to the god of the black hand. Slavery is very popular in the city and nobody can be trusted. Underneath the city are large long tunnels that lead to sewers and some even lead to the Underdark and hives of the great beholders, that a close connection to the Zhentarim.  The city is ruled by the high priest and ruler of the city named High Lord Burzal and he rules it in the name of Bane and with a black iron fist. Burzal has long dark hair and blue eyes and can be seen has very handsome. He dresses all in black armour and carries a massive mace in the name of the unholy god. He is the overall ruler all the Zhentarim even the slave lords that over took the drow city in the Underdark under Hornfang Mountain Suderham.


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