This massive city is located along the Hornfang Mountains on the west side and is a city of trade. But it is also a city of darkness it has in the past became under fire by drow that worship the Spider Queen LolthLolth took part of the city and moved it into the Abyss and shroud it in darkness. After a long battled between Selune, the people of the city against Lolth the part of the city was returned to the material plane but it has never been the same. Also the odd abyssal traveller came back with the city.  After years of battles against orcs, giants, ogres and dragons the battle walls have seen war.

The walls of Istivin stand 35 feet tall and are made of brick and stone. Forty five foot towers jut from the walls also for protection as it is well guarded. At the front gates there are 3 sixty foot towers that add additional defence. Resbin Dren Emonday is not well loved in the city as she is seen as sneaky as she has taken over since her husband went missing Marquis Querchard.  She has dark features as she came from the south lands, she has dark hair with strains with white. She has a small little diamond stud in her nose.

Some of the more common places of the city are Krelont Keep, The House of Tabard, The Gryphon’s Arm, House of Radiance, Loviatartaine Square, Chapter House of the Star, Circus, Oliphant House, Vlindarian’s Vault Office.

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