This large city is home to many poor people and the noble rich located in the far west shore. The city is made up of ports that are used for trade and merchants that make the city popular. The city revolves around an upper and lower class and the ruler of the city is the noble family. The history of the city falls under the battles against the sea elves of the north sea called the Blue Spires. Captain Horimus Drake captured the female aquatic elf and kept her as a prisoner, Princess Lasmini was to be kept in a sewer dungeon away from water and trapped by magic. The war stopped after that but the sea elves have not forgotten. The city itself has its own past of dangers and issues also in the poor area called Millers Court was once a deadly place for a serial killer known as the Ripper who killed the ladies of the night. The killing stopped and now it is filled with disease, ghosts, hauntings and Zhentarims.  The city itself is ruled by a king and his royal family, the city loves their king except for the people of the slums Millers Court and some small band of rogues. King Petr Westhrop was once a great adventure but now in his age has retired and protects the city. He was not king during the war against the sea elves as it was his father. Next in line is the queen, Queen Vivan Westhrop  she too was a past adventurer of the same party that the king was. They have a son and a daughter that will follow suite in the noble line. Prince Rupert and Princess Rena.

Some common locations of the city are Arts of Arcane, Glory of Knowledge, The Drunken Seagull, Millers Court, The Cam Inn, Ten Bells, House of Beauty, The Temple of the Full Moon, Temple of the Drowning Wave,Temple of Shadowed Souls, House of Healing, Dented Shield, Fountain of the Black Goat.


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