Cauldron Mountains

Cauldron Mountains

Located in the middle of the Burning Embers kingdom is large hot mountains that had red like stone, this home to many giantkin and red dragons called Cauldron Mountains. The Red River runs through the range but underground which leads plenty of entrances to the Underdark.

Some of the known locations of the mountains are the lair of Hookface a legendary red dragon of the range and Vaprak’s Voice which is a strange rock opening that makes a large sound from the heat boiling underneath.

The ruins of Castle Ferrule can be found here, the castle fell during a battle against some fiends from Hell. Now the castle has sunken into the hot magma of the range.

Located in the north of Cauldron is a small hut owned by an elderly man named Jared. This wooden hut is located in the mountains and has a low lined fence on the outside. There is a fabric between each post and painted like castle stone. Jared believes that he is a king of a place called Anduria and this is his castle. He is quite mad. He is athin man in a brown like robe and bald headed and full white short beard.


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