This semi large city is located in a dormant volcano in the middle of the mountain range. This is mostly a safe region but there are some dangers that outline the city. The city is protected by a high black stone wall that goes around the circled city, the wall is around 50 feet high. Four roads join the city from the mountain to the gates and cobblestone streets. Most people get around the city by foot or carriages and wagons. In the centre of the city is a cold lake that fills the volcano basin. The city is controlled by Lord Mayor Severen Navalant but some believe that there is more than one mouth of power in the city.

Groups like the Eyes of Flame and the Last Laugh exist in the city and some of the more common locations are as follows The Drunken Morkoth Inn, Cusp of Sunrise and temples dedicated to Tempus, Tyr and Myrkul.



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