Averoigne Island

Averoigne Island

Located just south of Cauldron Mountains about 4 days of sailing is large island that sits alone. The island is made up of just forest and it is very dangerous and it is cursed and filled with magic. Entrance to the forest is near impossible as there is a magical barrier around it and grey mist. Creatures do live on the island along with the odd wizard tower. The strangest is the castle that is dedicated to the Amber family it is haunted and located on the south tip of the island.

Castle Amber is located on the south tip of Averoigne Island is a large castle dedicated to the Amber family. They were great illusionists and mages and driven mad with their gain for power and incest.  The truth of the castle is that it is cursed by a past member of the family named Stephen Amber. He is also the cause of the strange mist that surrounds the large island. The family members that are still alive within the keep are insane of cursed to wear heads of animals. To break the curse is unknown but some believe that it should have a connection to the grave of Stephen Amber. One of the most beautiful attractions is in the centre of the keep which is glassed in gardens and forests in which can be dangerous and beautiful at the same time.



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