This large city is located on the west side of Amedio Jungle and well protected. The city was founded and named after a cleric of Mystra named Sasserine and her lover Teraknian a follower of Tempus. The founded the city but did not know that the land was claimed by a huge black dragon named Zelkarune. They battled hard and the city barely survived. In time the city became infested with smugglers and pirates and other riff raff. Thieves guilds and an evil organization called the Scarlet Brotherhood now roam freely within the walls of the city. The city is now controlled by seven nobles families that call themselves the Dawn Council.  The features of the city is best known for the sound of water crashing on the shores, mist from the sea, sound of seagulls and the very hot weather.

There are many different districts in the city each ruled by a noble family and controlled by a church. Each noble family makes up the Dawn Council.

Some of the more popular places of this massive city are Parrot Island, Azure’s Cathedral, the East Market, Sasserine Arena, House of Tempus, The Church of the Whirling Wind, lots of noble manors, the Sasserine opera House and the House of Dragons.


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