Astral Giant

Astral Giant

These tall large size giants are one of the more thinner of the giantkin but also have the most arcanic powers. The astral giants have long white hair, deep blue skin and they have a aura of mist that surrounds them. The astral giants worship the great goddess of magic  Mystra and can be very powerful when  it comes to being wizards or sorcerers.

Located in massive floating palaces or temples the astral giants live in small groups or normally alone with many minions or servants. They are nor good or evil as they live for the better of The Weave (the web of magic , where it comes from). The astral giants can be found also wondering the planes looking for new spells, magical items and arcane knowledge. Some of the more common planes are Limbo, the Far Plane, Plane of Faerie, Ethereal Plane and the Gray Waste.




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