Shadow Spider

Shadow Spider

Shadow spiders are huge green carnivorous ambush predators from the Plane of Shadow that prefer to hunt on the Material Plane.
They possess frightening intelligence and cunning. A shadow spider maintains a larder (actually a pocket in the Plane of Shadow) stacked with the
desiccated corpses of its prey. The monster never carries treasure; it simply leaves its victims’ possessions
on the corpses. When its larder becomes overfilled, the shadow spider abandons it and finds a new one to fill with food.
Shadow spiders speak Common.

A shadow spider prepares elaborate traps for its victims in dungeons and caverns. It uses its silk slick ability to make a slope or stair slippery, then waits in the shadows
at the bottom. When a creature falls, the shadow spider steps out of the shadows and attempts to grab its prey with its four foreclaws. If successful, the monster
uses shadow walk to carry the victim to its larder in the Plane of Shadow. Once there, the shadow spider paralyzes and abandons that creature, then returns to its trap for more prey.





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