This creature looks like a hideously ugly humanoid chiseled of dark grey stone. Two large horns protrude from its head, just above its eyes. Four large stony spikes jut from its shoulder blades. Its hands and feet end in sharpened claws. It has a lower jaw that sticks out.

Margoyle is a slightly larger version of the standard gargoyle. It is meaner, eviler, and deadlier than the normal gargoyle. Margoyles are most often encountered in subterranean regions and often have a pack of gargoyles with them. In such cases, the margoyle is looked upon as the master or leader of the group.

Several different varieties of gargoyles exist, and each is detailed below. For all their differences, they do share some common traits. They prefer to remain still and then suddenly attack or dive into their prey. Green guardians attempt to hold their victims and then fly off with them. A group of margoyles and/or gargoyles works in unison to bring down their opponents.




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