Witchknife are strange humanoids that are red orange in color and carry spears and medium shields. They have bony like heads and they are powerful spell casters.

“Witchknife”is the name other creaturesuse to refer to a race of humanoids that have the power to compel victims to dotheir bidding with but a single utterance. This power, and their tendency to stab foes in the back, are the reasons behind the name. These creatures call themselves athames. Witchknives live in small settlements,
hiding in deserts and other forbidding locations, while they plot to regain from the world what they believe they once had.
Witchknifes psionic ability to command others relies on the target creatures being able to understand the witch- knife. Thus, witchknives learn to speak many languages. All of them speak Common and Undercommon, and most know four other languages. Typical choices include Dwarven, Elven, Giant, and Goblin
Witchknives live in an austere and monastic manner
inside their fortresslike homes. Those not involved in the
tasks of day-to-day survival and subsistence spend most of
their time meditating, training for combat, or learning at
the library.


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