Once native to the Elemental Plane of Earth, gulgars
migrated to the Material Plane long ago, fleeing an incursion of geniekind. They now live in temperate mountain
ranges, riding the winds on the backs of yrthaks and plumbing the depths of the mountains, seeking the crystals they
eat to give their bones strength.

Gulgars have dark gray skin, with males tending to be darker than females. As they age, females grow  paler and males grow darker, making very old gulgars white
or black. The crystalline bone that protrudes from their skin
yellows with age, becoming cloudy and opaque.
Gulgars cannot vocalize speech in the normal range of
hearing and make few vocal noises other than the “guhlgaar”sound of their sonic pulse (for which they were named). Instead, they communicate in tones too low in  frequency for most beings to hear. Gulgars speak Terran.

Gulgars live in tribes in and around the cliffs that yrthaks
typically nest in. When they came to the Material Plane,
the gulgars encountered yrthaks and found them to be
tractable creatures due to their vulnerability to sonic
effects and reliance on hearing to sense prey. Many yrthaks
now serve gulgar tribes as mounts and beasts of burden.
Although some do so for the protection and food a gulgar
tribe provides, most are enslaved and serve out of fear of the
gulgars’sonic pulse attacks.
Gulgars exist on a subsistence level. Although they are
omnivorous, they hunger for the crystals that they once
consumed on the Elemental Plane of Earth, constantly
mining and exploring caverns in search of fine crystals.
Their work often brings up metal ore, which they craft into
armor, weapons, and crude sculptures that tell the story of
their flight from the Elemental Plane of Earth and their
great foes, the genies. Their digging often brings them into
contact with other subterranean creatures. If such creatures
don’t inhibit the gulgars in their efforts, the gulgars pay
them no heed; if they try to stop the gulgars or attack them,
bitter conflict is always the result.



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