The Catfolk are the members of a strange race who travel from village to village, looking for money and company: they don’t have a permanent home and are always on the road. Constantly joyous and playful, Catfolk love to play and there is no end to the mischief they can wreak.They have definite cat features: a short muzzle, whiskers, vertical pupils, a long, graceful tail, and legs shaped like those of big cats; however they walk upright, albeit with a slight stoop. Their skin is covered in a coat of soft fur of any soft color, and their eyes are usually green, yellow or brown. Catfolk have hair like a human but they tend to keep it short. This is not a strict rule however, and their ears are those of a cat.

Catfolk are optimists in all respects. They take life as it comes, usually with much laughter and merriment, and never look to the future, past, or indeed the present. This outlook sometimes does more bad than good, but Catfolk are quick to make amends, and even quicker to forgive themselves. In battle they are quick and lively, leaving their enemies confused and bewildered as to what they will do next, but even after a battle they are a nuisance, sometimes trying to make friends with their captives. They are sometimes known as “shifters”

Catfolk get along well with members of just about every other race. They admire those who live in the wild more than city dwellers. Because of this, they seek out the company of halflings, wood elves, and gnolls. Catfolk have a hard time understanding the slow, steady approach that dwarves take to life, and the two races have little in common. Because they are such opposites in both temperament and physical abilities, catfolk and dwarves rarely enjoy the other’s company, although no real animosity exists between the races.

Catfolk roam the open grasslands in temperate and tropical regions, shunning the colder lands even in the heights of summer. Wandering tribes of catfolk rarely come close to the large cities of other races, but they occasionally camp within sight of a smaller town or village in order to trade. Catfolk roam great distances in their travels and do not become attached to a specific range or territory the way that nomadic tribes of humans sometimes do.

Catfolk normally worship the goddess Chauntea.




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