Deskari, Demon Lord

Deskari, Demon Lord

Larger than an elephant, this towering insectile nightmare wields a scythe made of bone. Its wings are swarms of biting flies, and its inhuman eyes glitter with cruel intelligence.

Known as the Lord of the Locust Host and the Usher of the Apocalypse, Deskari has long plagued the region of Sarkoris, ever since he discovered a strange thinness between that nation and his own Abyssal realm. His first attempt to capitalize upon this strange feature ended with his defeat at Tempus’s hands, but after the god’s death at the outset of the Age of Lost Omens, Deskari and his cult wasted no time in opening the Worldwound to allow the demon lord’s plans for Esperia to continue.

Deskari carved his realm from the raw matter of the Abyss using a great scythe called Riftcarver a weapon he crafted from the remains of the strange creature his father, Pazuzu, mated with tens of thousands of years ago. Today, Pazuzu and Deskari have what passes as a cordial relationship—the two demon lords do not work together, but neither do they oppose each other’s goals on the Material Plane and beyond.

Deskari is worshiped primarily by the denizens of the Worldwound on Esperia—by tieflings, fallen crusaders, demons, half-fiends, and all manner of other vile creatures that dwell within that devastated land.

Deskari’s symbol is a pair of crossed locust wings dripping with blood. His favored weapon is the scythe, in honor of his devastating weapon of choice, Riftcarver, but his worshipers sometimes prefer to use smaller weapons, especially when they must move unnoticed among enemies. Deskari grants access to the domains of Chaos, Destruction, Evil, and War, and to the subdomains of Blood, Catastrophe, Demons, and Tactics.


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