Faceless Stalker

Faceless Stalker

Faceless stalkers are dark crimson masses of pliant flesh and scaly skin. Their bodies, while humanoid in shape, are completely lacking in facial features. The whole body is covered in the same crimson skin with no difference in coloration anywhere on their bodies. The pliancy of its flesh is also completely inhuman as no humanoid creature should be able to move the way faceless stalkers move. It does, however, possess vicious claws.

Faceless stalkers tend to dwell is swamps. The earliest faceless stalkers tried to return to the water where their aquatic masters, the aboleth, dwell, however, they are not aquatic so instead they settled in the coastal swamps as close to their masters as possible. Faceless stalkers are also often found in the villages of other humanoids. They were originally created as weapons against the burgeoning humanoid empires above and were used to infiltrate their societies and collapse them from within. Much of this original mission still remains within faceless stalkers’ primal instincts. As such they often infiltrate small villages, gradually killing and replacing all of the original residents. Then they proceed to squander the community’s resources until they are entirely used up, then they move on. Faceless stalker tribes rarely number more than a dozen, as any larger tribes tend to collapse from in-fighting.



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