Andrazku, Demon

Andrazku, Demon

Andrazkus are thugs who use their strength to lord over weaker creatures. Their hatred is cold and seething, prone to suddenly snapping in an avalanche of ice and crushing blows. Birthed from the protomatter of the Abyss with natural gifts for tracking and subduing prey, they are sometimes used as trackers and jailors by more powerful demons who need to find lost prisoners and slaves.

From the waist up these demons are built much like strong, hairy humans or dwarves, but with exaggerated proportions resembling those of a gorilla. Their thick necks sport bristling manes that merge with the hair on their backs, and their flat faces bear two ramlike horns and cold eyes filled with hate. Their breath is a freezing fog, and their teeth are small but numerous, like a shark’s. An andrazku’s legs seem small in comparison to its torso, bend backward like a satyr’s, and end in large cloven hooves. Their skin is the dead blue of a frozen corpse or a frost giant. Their top-heavy builds mean they have difficulty standing upright and normally assume a hunched posture; many prefer to walk and run on all fours, like apes. An andrazku is 7 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs 450 pounds.

An andrazku forms from the soul of a chaotic mortal who hated women and used his or her power to oppress and demean them, such as a tyrant who selectively enforced laws against women, a priest who preached that women are the source of all sin, or a father who secretly beat his wives and daughters for their supposed failures. For this reason andrazkus are known to scholars as “misogyny demons.” Few of these souls dared to greater crimes (which would cause their souls to become incubi or babaus), nor were they once mortals who hated women but never acted upon their hatred—an andrazku only forms from a soul filled with suff icient hatred toward women to provoke action, but that is hampered by enough cowardice to prevent it from performing acts of greater evil. Most of them were male mortals, but an especially misogynistic evil female creature might become an andrazku in the Abyss.

Because of their long-simmering tempers and magical abilities, andrazkus are often called “cold demons,” and they mainly live in frigid Abyssal realms such as Jhuvumirak, home of demon lord Kostchtchie. Their intolerance of fire (despite their demonic resistance to it) and the cowardly nature of their origin-sin make them laughingstocks among demons (particularly babaus and incubi); as a result, andrazkus are sullen, resentful, and prone to take out their frustrations on weaker creatures— especially if said creatures are female.

Andrazkus prefer to lair in ice caves or tunnels dug out of hard-packed snow. Some take advantage of their cold immunity and strong swimming ability to live in simple shelters on ice floes. An andrazku’s hooves and huge hands allow it to cling to ice as though it were rough stone, preventing it from slipping and allowing it to use much of the vertical space in its lair to store treasure and observe intruders.

Andrazkus loathe associating with more powerful female demons in any way, and curse under their breath at mariliths and similar demons of great stature. Among female demons of similar power, they are quick with clever words, believable boasts, and secret confessions of desire, but these are all lies to disguise the hatred crackling beneath the surface. If given the opportunity, an andrazku would capture and torture a succubus merely because she is female (though a succubus is physically more powerful than a lone misogyny demon, and the hairy brutes have to gang up to have any chance of defeating a “weakling” succubus). Succubi and mariliths are aware of these simple-minded feelings held by andrazkus and they delight in tormenting the brutish creatures. Those female demons know they hold greater strength and power than andrazkus, and they enjoy lording over the creatures, even going so far as to kidnap them from time to time, bringing them to their own lairs and forcing the creatures into servitude.

When set loose on the Material Plane, an andrazku usually forces itself into a position of power over a humanoid tribe. Some ally with frost giant tribes, especially those who worship Kostchtchie. Duller ones find better company among girallons and dire apes.


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