Seraptis, Demon

Seraptis, Demon

Statuesque and hauntingly beautiful (at least, until the toothy wounds on their arms gape open), seraptis demons are the favored minions of the demon lord Sif kesh, although they also often serve other demon lords (particularly Nocticula and Socothbenoth). Formidable combatants, seraptis demons typically function as bodyguards or lone champions for their masters, but many of these demons have achieved greater glory on their own as rulers of subdomains in greater Abyssal realms.

A seraptis demon stands 7 feet tall and weighs 230 pounds. This demonic woman’s flesh is pale and clammy, as if her body had been drained of blood via the numerous deep, raw slashes upon her four arms. As she moves, these gashes open like mouths, displaying row upon row of razor-sharp teeth.

Seraptis demons are also known as suicide demons.


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