Abrikandilu, Demon

Abrikandilu, Demon

This deformed, horned, hunchbacked humanoid has a forked, ratlike tail and two thumbs on each taloned hand. Known as wrecker demons, abrikandilus delight in destroying beauty, be it the rending a fine painting to shreds, reducing a magnificent statue to rubble, or scarring a lovely face. They hate all relations to the goddess Sune. Abrikandilus form from the souls of those who in life vandalized art or destroyed objects of beauty, particularly from those whose acts of destruction were born from jealousy. All abrikandilus loathe only one thing more than beauty—their own ref lection. Curiously, the countenances of other abrikandilus do not vex a wrecker demon, but the sight of its own deformed shape drives it into a furious anger.

Abrikandilus are used often as ground troops in demonic wars, for they are excellent brutes on the battlefield and do not require weapons or armor to excel at combat. Their penchant for destroying works of art brings a demoralizing element to battle, for little remains after abrikandilus attack works of beauty. Even when they are defeated, the damage they’ve dealt endures, a constant reminder of the infinite value of what they destroyed.

An abrikandilu stands 4 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.         


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