Brimorak, Demon

Brimorak, Demon

Standing just over three feet tall, this bestial humanoid wears filthy, tattered robes and has blue-gray skin decorated with strange, coiling stripes. Dark fur grows on its head and arms, and its feet end in burning hooves. Its eyes glow as red as the flaming sword it wields in one hand, and its breath fills the surrounding air with noxious gray smoke.

Although brimorak demons are generally limited to regions of the Abyss where fire and smoke hold sway, in those regions they are vast in number. Demon lords like Flauros use brimoraks as the primary infantry troops in Abyssal armies—although their command of fire makes them less effective against most fiends, they are particularly devastating against many other foes.

Brimoraks are small in stature, rarely standing over 3 feet in height, yet surprisingly strong for their size. Those who underestimate these demons often don’t live to learn of their errors, for brimoraks are quick to press the advantage against larger enemies after softening them up with fire magic. A brimorak’s dense musculature and bones result in unexpected weight as well—one of these creatures usually weighs nearly 200 pounds.


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