Lilitu, Demon

Lilitu, Demon

While this seductive woman has goat horns, goat hooves, and a serpentine tail, her eyeless face is her most disturbing feature. Lilitu demons are subversive and hidden horrors, demons who work much more subtlety in their constant quest to destroy and devastate. Whereas most demons prefer to rend and destroy, the lilitu is more akin to the succubus—she labors in humanoid guise to infect society from within with sin. Known to some as temptation demons, lilitus enjoy little more than leading mortals into all matter of sinful acts, in the hopes that when the mortal perishes, that soul will fuel the Abyss. Despite some superf icial similarities to succubi, lilitus are not solely concerned with the sin of lust. The exact nature of sin that a lilitu tempts a mortal into committing varies, for these demons are adept at reading mortal desires and secrets, quickly discerning which sinful acts a specif ic target can be convinced to perform.

Lilitus have numerous tools at their disposal for the encouragement of promoting sin, but they much prefer their humanoid victims to commit sins of their own free will. As such, lilitus generally use their abilities to deceive and beguile mortals rather than forcing them to execute these heinous acts. A son convinced to kill for his mother (the disguised lilitu) to rectify a grave injustice done to her produces more delight than simply mindcontrolling a humanoid into doing such a deed.

In her true form, a lilitu appears as an eyeless, horned, snake-tailed—but otherwise beautiful—human woman. Despite her lack of eyes, a lilitu can see with supernatural ease. A lilitu forms from the soul of a mortal who lured others of its kind to commit sins.

Lilitus serve many demon lords, although the demon lords associated with the classic seven deadly sins— Areshkagal (greed), Jubilex (sloth), Nocticula (lust), Orcus (wrath), Shax (envy), Socothbenoth (pride), and Xoveron (gluttony)—are their favorites. Lilitus who serve these seven demon lords are unique in appearance, ref lecting their sins more physically than others of their kind. A lilitu of Jubilex might appear to be made of slime, while a lilitu of Xoveron might be morbidly obese.

Lilitus typically stand 6 feet tall and weigh 130 pounds.


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