Giant Caterpillar

Giant Caterpillar

Caterpillars of most species are herbivorous, but not all; some are insectivorous, even cannibalistic. Some feed on other animal products; for example clothes moths feed on wool, and horn moths feed on the hooves and horns of dead ungulates. Caterpillars are best known for their beauty but they can cause a lot of damage because they of the cause to fruits and other agricultural produce. Giant caterpillars are even more dangerous as they are large in size and crawl slowly devouring anything in its path. They can eat whole trees and destroy a field of crops in a day or two.

Giant Caterpillars do change into giant moths or butterflies but before that evolution change they can crawl through urban areas and cause serious damage, even some species eat meat.

The giant caterpillar have a amazing grasp and they also produce a deadly acid that they spit up to help decompose their food.



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