Jovac, Demon

Jovac Demon

These vicious little black-hearted fiends were born to create strife. Their ability to inflict the damage they take on others makes them invaluable in the front lines of demon armies. A unit of jovocs can absorb repeated blows and spells from the enemy and still survive to exact a punishing revenge.

A jovoc is a 4-foot-tall, bloated, hairless creature of humanoid shape. It resembles the bruised and battered corpse of a gnome left too long to decay in the heat of summer, and the stench that emanates from its rough skin
lends credence to this impression. Its skin is dark blue or black, and its eyes are vacant, black pools. Each of the creature’s long arms ends in a three-fingered hand with long red fingernails, forever stained the color of blood.

Jovocs are not especially intelligent, but they are quick and experienced ambushers who know how to use their small size to best effect. Years of training and experience have taught them how to take advantage of their aura of retribution
and fast healing abilities. They often adopt a hit-and-run strategy, jumping into a group of enemies to do as much damage as possible, then dashing off for a few rounds to heal.


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