The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

A giant elf like creature in a mithral breastplate, its helm bearing the proud antlers of a great stag, streaks across the sky on the back of a phantom stallion. Flames leap up in its wake, and four hounds

the size of bears precede the rider. Silhouetted by the shimmering moon, the stag-helmed rider draws back a black bow, an arrow nocked for the kill.

Masters of the hunt were fey monarchs who ruled their courts for centuries before the tedium of existence drove them to hunt powerful mortals. Now they spend their time searching for worthy foes. They are enduring,

tireless, and immortal. The hounds of the hunt are ferocious canines made bloodthirsty by centuries of training and magical alteration. They are almost as durable as their masters.

The Wild Hunt can roam across an entire world, but a master of the hunt prefers to stalk prey at night in the wide outdoors.


A master of the hunt savors the hunting experience. He chooses one highly skilled or mighty creature to stalk, then runs that creature down in an exciting chase.

When his prey stands its ground or a master of the hunt tires of the chase, he marks his target with the selected

prey ability. His hounds then charge in, tying up the victim and its allies in melee. The master fires arrows at his target to

kill it, then disdainfully dispatches others foolish enough to stand against him.

The Wild Hunt are dedicated to the evil god Malar.



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