Since I was a child I have been interested in things dark and different. From movies to music to even my favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons.

I started off from my influence of my cousin (in the very early 80’s)to roll some dice and get suckered into the b/w art from the orange bind AD&D books. I was done thanks to the great art of the monsters, devils and demons. Too dream and imagine brought me to a whole new level. (literally)

We started as a small group of 6 guys that lasted about a year or two and then we got older and grew up. The books were put away but the want was always there. Then I was introduced to the Forgotten Realms..

It started with the Pool of Radiance game and than I read the novel of the same title. I was hooked again but this time in novel form. Also to this day I still read the Forgotten Realm novels…..too bad 4th edition ruined it with the stupid Spellplague but anyways…

D&D 3/5 came out and  I read through it and I was like wait where is the THACO? D20? Seems simpler. So myself and my cousin tried it out again. We loved it, not because 3.5 was better but because it brought back the great adventure game to our imagination and it just felt good to roll dice again. Miniatures played a huge part of version 3.5 and that’s what I felt was not needed for AD&D and also missing. A few groups and years later life changed and the books hit the shelves again.

But I did not stop reading the Forgotten Realms novels and new stuff was flowing still in the gaming world. Dungeon Magazine came out with adventure paths and I was hooked yet again. I took these adventures and placed them in a Forgotten Realms type world with their old gods of faith. This started the creation of Esperia. Through time and more modules thanks to Goodman Games, AD&D, Dungeon Magazine, Pazio’s Pathfinder and Swords and Sorcery the world came together.

Copyright and owe to you great minds out there, starting with Gary Gygax. I say thank you! All pictures of minis and maps are my own.

Welcome to my version….Esperia. So grab your sword and song and let the adventure begin.


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