A duppy is the spirit of a cruel and brutal sailor who died by violence on land, away from his ship and crew, and thus was unable to receive a proper burial at sea.

While its ghostly form is evidence enough of its twisted hatred, a duppy also possesses power over a pack of faithful, otherworldly hounds that share in their master’s malevolence. The appearance of a duppy is often preceded by the distant sound of unearthly howling.

Duppies typically seek out sailors and pirates when exacting their vengeance, inflicting great violence on those living creatures who remind them of what they lost.

For this reason, duppies are most often found in seaside towns or nearby beaches, and settlements that rely on the ocean know to fear and hate these spectral beings.

Though a duppy’s incorporeal form ensures that it can’t be captured by mundane means, those who do manage to trick a duppy into a magical trap are wise to keep the horror confined until the daytime, when its otherworldly abilities are hindered and it can be more easily defeated.

Some tales claim that duppies arise near the treasures they buried while they were still alive, and ambitious sailors who buy into these stories might attempt to capture a duppy.

However, few creatures can muster powers strong enough to cage a duppy, whose hounds confound enemies and allow the ghostly monster to attack victims from all sides.


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Aeteperax the Green Dragon

A large green dragon roamed the kingdom looking for a way to gain power. He came across an ancient artifact known as the Silver Egg of Bel in which he found the lost soul of an ancient black dragon named Aeteperax who  was  famous for destroying the gnome city of Errbiddle in the past and dying in the legendary battle against the female gnome paladin Tula.

The green dragon took on the name of Aeteperax used illusions to be the dracolich of the dragon of legend but when investigated by a adventure party he was robbed of the silver egg and his own personal horde. He died in battle against the adventures and his truth was reviled.

His hordes of kobolds and demons vanished after his defeat and the egg whereabouts is unknown.


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Blink Dog

Blink Dog

A blink dog was a mysterious, intelligent canine creature. Most blink dogs had yellow-brown fur and large ears.

They were well known for their ability to blink—a supernatural teleportation ability.

Blink dogs had an average intelligence. They had powerful senses, including the ability to see in low light and see in the dark, as well as possessing acute scent detection and tracking.

Elves and other fey creatures have a good connection with blink dogs but blink dogs speak their own language.


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Mad Slasher

Mad Slasher

The mad slasher is an aberration that looks much like a one eyed spider. They live for bloodshed and go into battles whirling their legs like blades.

Mad slashers can come in various colors but come from the Far Plane.

When found on Esperia they are normally located in warm forests and they hunt in packs.



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Phase Spider

Phase Spider

A phase spider was a magical beast akin to a predacious version of the ethereal filcher. Phase spiders were monstrous arachnid-kin that dwelt within the Ethereal Plane. They made quick forays into the natural world to snatch an unlucky creature to feed upon. Those stolen by phase spiders were never seen again and were regarded as unsolved disappearances.

The phase spider resembled a large, two-eyed, spindly legged spider with the some dark blue and white coloration.

While the filcher transported between the Ethereal Plane and the Material Plane for the purpose of stealing, the phase spider did this for the purpose of hunting. It looked for a likely spot in the Ethereal Plane, and then teleported (its form of teleportation was known as “phasing,” hence the name) to the Material Plane, presumably ambushing travelers it expected to be there, biting and killing them, and then quickly retreating back to the Ethereal Plane.



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Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire dragons tended to be territorial and antisocial although they loved to discuss military matters and strategy. They preferred to lair in deep, rocky caves and often kept large spiders in their home as a food source. Sapphire dragons are territorial, especially towards other dragons in the Elemental Chaos and the parts of the Material Plane that they claim as their own. These dragons are anti-social towards all beings, but view the evil races of the Underdark to be their enemies.

Sapphire dragons look much like a black dragon except their skin is shiny and blue much like a sapphire gem.

Sapphire dragons breathed a cone of sonic energy which harmed opponents and caused them to panic.

Sapphire dragons reside mostly in the Underdark or the Quasi-elemental Plane of Mineral.


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Fire Yai-Oni

Fire Yai-Oni

This fanged, three-eyed giant rages in its finely crafted armor, its skin as red as a smoldering ember.

Fire yai prefer to live in luxury—an orderly and well-built abode is essential. Even a lone fire yai prefers to build or inhabit a fortified stone dwelling in its territory, and surrounds itself with as many luxuries as it can acquire. Vain, greedy, and brutal, fire yai are the most impulsive of their kind—several tales tell of clever heroes taunting fire yai to act rashly. They rarely let challenges pass uncontested and react quickly to squelch any threat to their rule.

While many fire yai seek out tribes of fire giants to infiltrate and rule, not all follow this compulsion. Capable of assuming the form of many types of humanoid, some fire yai seek to subtly invade and eventually rule entire nations of humanoids from within.

Fire oni can be found in the southern reaches of Esperia in the mountains or warm hills.



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The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

A giant elf like creature in a mithral breastplate, its helm bearing the proud antlers of a great stag, streaks across the sky on the back of a phantom stallion. Flames leap up in its wake, and four hounds

the size of bears precede the rider. Silhouetted by the shimmering moon, the stag-helmed rider draws back a black bow, an arrow nocked for the kill.

Masters of the hunt were fey monarchs who ruled their courts for centuries before the tedium of existence drove them to hunt powerful mortals. Now they spend their time searching for worthy foes. They are enduring,

tireless, and immortal. The hounds of the hunt are ferocious canines made bloodthirsty by centuries of training and magical alteration. They are almost as durable as their masters.

The Wild Hunt can roam across an entire world, but a master of the hunt prefers to stalk prey at night in the wide outdoors.


A master of the hunt savors the hunting experience. He chooses one highly skilled or mighty creature to stalk, then runs that creature down in an exciting chase.

When his prey stands its ground or a master of the hunt tires of the chase, he marks his target with the selected

prey ability. His hounds then charge in, tying up the victim and its allies in melee. The master fires arrows at his target to

kill it, then disdainfully dispatches others foolish enough to stand against him.

The Wild Hunt are dedicated to the evil god Malar.



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Jovac, Demon

Jovac Demon

These vicious little black-hearted fiends were born to create strife. Their ability to inflict the damage they take on others makes them invaluable in the front lines of demon armies. A unit of jovocs can absorb repeated blows and spells from the enemy and still survive to exact a punishing revenge.

A jovoc is a 4-foot-tall, bloated, hairless creature of humanoid shape. It resembles the bruised and battered corpse of a gnome left too long to decay in the heat of summer, and the stench that emanates from its rough skin
lends credence to this impression. Its skin is dark blue or black, and its eyes are vacant, black pools. Each of the creature’s long arms ends in a three-fingered hand with long red fingernails, forever stained the color of blood.

Jovocs are not especially intelligent, but they are quick and experienced ambushers who know how to use their small size to best effect. Years of training and experience have taught them how to take advantage of their aura of retribution
and fast healing abilities. They often adopt a hit-and-run strategy, jumping into a group of enemies to do as much damage as possible, then dashing off for a few rounds to heal.


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Amnizu, Devil

Amnizu, Devil

An amnizu is a short, stocky winged guardian of the gates of the Nine Hells. Also known as the Styx devil. Controlling legions of lesser devils, they ensure that none can pass into the plane through the River Styx without answering to them.

Although the amnizu caste is considered greater in status than that of the horned devils, amnizu are required to be “demoted” to serve as horned devils before they can ascend any higher in the devil hierarchy. This is because the amnizu are dominated by Prince Levistus, and often serve his wishes rather than those of the Dark Eight.


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