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Astraoloth, Yugoloth

Astraoloth, Yugoloth

Believed to be creations of the Four Horsemen, astraoloths live out their existence in search of souls to harvest. These deadly creatures are ravening planar predators, openly hunting throughout the void for souls on which to feed. These voracious creatures are the personifications of death resulting from negative energy or level drain. Their vile touch drains life force from their enemies, and even perishing near them sates their thirst for life and souls.

Diving out of the silver haze, this translucent, faintly phosphorescent humanoid appears to be some fusion of a gaunt, eyeless giant, eel, and a monstrous jellyfish. With exaggeratedly long limbs and nearly a dozen ghostly tentacles that extend from its back, shoulders, and upper arms, the creature grasps about at everything near it, tentacles twitching like the sensory organs of a deep-sea predator.

Astraoloths appear as ghostly, faintly phosphorescent, rail-thin humanoids with exaggeratedly long limbs. The fiends also have a seemingly random number of translucent tentacles trailing from their backs, shoulders, and upper arms, which wave and weave through the air.

Their bizarre forms possess heads that are skeletal, elongated, and vaguely piscine, reptilian, or canine, always bearing hungry rictus grins. Wicked, curved claws sprout from their hands and feet, and their tails move in rhythm with their tentacles, typically hanging toward the ground and almost doubling their length.

As the perpetually ravenous servitors of Abaddon’s yugoloths, the astraoloths’ touch is corruptive and damaging to the spiritual material of souls. Their touch and especially their bite can cause horrific damage, akin to that of a wraith, to anything they attack. Most feared, however, is their ability to utterly consume the souls of those killed in their proximity, feeding off of their essence or dragging it back to their fiendish overlords

Appearing blind at first glance, astraoloths have no visible eyes—what might have once been eye sockets are covered over by translucent hide. However, while any other creature might be considered crippled by such a deficiency, Abaddon’s soul-harvesters are unhampered by their condition. The fiends more than make up for lack of sight, sensing their environment through the constant movement of their tentacles—like the “vision” of many creatures who live in pitch darkness—and a supernatural awareness of souls.

Perhaps most disturbing, astraoloths exist in a uniquely translucent, semi-incorporeal state. This property also allows them to somehow transition between planes with ease, and they often use the ability to flee pursuit, especially after glutting themselves on stolen souls.

Astraoloths never speak and rarely use their telepathy to communicate with anything other than daemons.

Astraoloths are the artificial creations of more powerful daemons—the yugoloths, their greatest servitors, and a select number of non-aligned daemonic nobles. Though the gruesome and blasphemous details are restricted to the most powerful daemons, the process by which astraoloths form begins with the forced amalgamation and rendering down of dozens of mortal souls into a screaming, conscious slurry of quivering soul-stuff. Over days and weeks, the soul-mass experiences unimaginable tortures, until at the apex of its maddening experience its masters fuse it with the spirit of another daemon (always a sacrifice rather than a willing act, usually as a punishment). Once combined with this essence, ritual magic and their creators’ raw force of will then transmute the damned into their final twisted and blindly obedient form.

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This human-shaped beast has a horse’s skull for a head. It walks on cracked hooves and bears the rotting wings of a carrion bird. Deacons of the Horseman of Pestilence, leukoloths serve their lord in Abaddon as well as across the planes by spreading plagues and pandemics. The skulls that serve as their heads can be replaced with any skulls, yet these creatures choose horse skulls to show their loyalty to the Horsemen. The creature’s true head is merely a blistered knob between its shoulders.

A  leukoloth can unleash a cloud of corpse-bloated, biting black flies in a 20-foot cone


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Hydroloths, Yugoloth


Yugoloths (formerly known as daemons) are neutral evil natives of the lower planes of the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna and the Gray Waste of Hades.

While at first glance these creatures seem like enormous and foul bullywugs, their dangerous gait, dead eyes, and wicked claws give away their fiendish nature. In their home environment, hydroloths swim the sickening rivers and seas of Abaddon and the River Styx, ducking beneath the rivers of pus and bile only to leap out at enemies and rend their flesh with tooth and claw. It is said these are among the few creatures able to survive in the deadly waters of the River Styx. When called to the Material Plane, hydroloths serve powerful spellcasters, protecting domains dotted with pools, streams, and even sewer complexes. Associated with death by drowning, these fiends use a favored tactic to draw the most anguish from their victims. Hydroloths  first attack with their inky black sleep spittle, hoping to render victims unconscious. With their opponents unable to fight back, hydroloths drag their enemies into the foul waters they call home and delight as the liquid fills their victims’ gasping lungs. If unable to drown a victim, they finish the job with jaws and claws.

Hydroloths possess an awkward gait, springing back on their heels and leaping about like humanoid frogs. Even so, they move in an unpredictable manner, twisting their bodies with each hopping movement. Hydroloths can also unfurl flaps of skin that allow them to glide through the air.



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Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon

A shadow demon is a demon that looks like a gargoyle made up of darkness and shadow. Shadow demons do live with our demons in the Abyss but some do reside on the Plane of Shadow.

They desire little more than to feel the life they once had, and stalk and kill other living things for that purpose. While they serve Abaddon without question, they resent their position, and desire anything to be free of his control – although none have managed it yet.

Shadow demons do not normally hang around other demons but they will usually hide inside a solid object, and then pounce on their unsuspecting prey. It will often use deeper darkness to aid it in its fight. 

Like other demons shadow demons speak Abyssal.

Some cults dedicated to Shar or Mask use shadow demons for spies or guardians.



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The Grand Abyss (The Abyss 4th Layer)

This can be located from the largest portal hole from Pzunia. This layer is really nothing but a massive gash in the Abyss and creatures live within the canyon. Asima is the ruler of the layer.

The Grand Abyss is a deep crevasse without a bottom and without a top, thus it is also call the Bottomless Pit. If you do manged to climb out of the Grand Abyss, it is because you somehow stumbled upon a portal or gate which usually lead you to the Plains of Infinite Portals (or somewhere much worse). If you do fall in the Grand Abyss, it is possible you will fall forever…but usually a flying fiend will catch you somewhere along the way and make a meal out of you, or you smash into one of the many bridges and pathways that span the walls of the layer.

The Grand Abyss’ length is bridged by and surronded by paths built by demons and their slaves. Minor demon nobles often bully their slaves into digging and building fortifications along the walls of the endless crevasse. It is said that the layer itself eventually petrifies any mortals from the prime plane, as testified by the remains of shattered statuary found on many of the ledges along the walls.

No one demon prince can claim entire rulership over the Infinite Pit, but that does not mean none lives here. Somewhere deep down, can be found the realm of the demon prince Abaddon. The walls of the length of the layer that he claims as his own are lined with millions upon millions of locust demons. Somewhere further down the pit can also be found the realm of the apocalyptic dark god Nastrond.

Some claim that the Grand Abyss is not really endless, it is just one long deep, deep pit that eventually loop back upon itself. But so far no one is foolish enough to test out the theory.

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The yugoloths call Gehenna home, and are its primary natives, though they originally hail from the Gray Waste they dominate both planes, but in Gehenna their rule is more overt and in the Waste more subtle. The Tower of the Arcanaloths is also found on Gehenna.The leader of their race, known only as the General of Gehenna, moves his Crawling City from layer to layer according to his will. The City moves on thousands of fireproof legs and may climb the face of any cliff. Gehenna consists of four planar layers; each layer consists of a pair of huge volcanos floating in space, joined at the bottom to form massive “earthbergs”, hundreds of thousands of miles tall. Smaller mountain-shaped and -sized chunks of earth also float through Gehenna, occasionally colliding with the primary earthbergs. The first layer, Khalas, is a hot and fiery place, but the volcanos gradually grow colder as one passes through the layers; the third layer, Mungoth, is a cool place, while the fourth, Krangath, is icy and dead.

Kasmine’s hideout is located in the smoke mountians is a lair of a eryines devil named Kasmine. She had the hideout created by yugoloths for the price of some souls in exchange. She has made allies with xills hoping with their chaotic behavoiur she can gain power to go back to Hell and become a ruler. Her latest is marrying a mortal red wizard named Belrath the Jackal and have taken over his tower located in the town of Halea’s Reach. She has long dark hair and wears a relieving red outfit to show off her lustful body and angle like wings.

Nacruel and Envor Hall is located on Khalas Mountain is a deep cavern built within a mountain. Two ultraloths live here and they capture victims and place them in battles against each other for fun and gambling reasons. The hall is surrounded by a oily water lake with waterfalls that have a red glow to them. The water can cause coma to the average traveler, and it well guarded by steam mephit scouts.

Khalas is first mountain of Gehenna that erupted into a volcano. Lava and magma over flow the great rock and run down into the plane. Khalas is made up of ravines, rifts, gorges and deadly canyons. The polluted water runs in the River Styx that carries out to the other evil planes.

The Flower Infernal is located in the range of Khalas is a strange two storey tower that looks like a flower with petals. This tower is home of a group called the Tacharim and they use flame to open the petals which open down like a bridge. The flower tower itself feeds into a dense obscene river which the roots grow into.  The river runs 1000 feet deep and the tower sits on a very small island. The Tacharim which are doomguards loyal to Malar made a pact with the demons, yugoloths and devils to live in peace. About 250 Tacharim doomguards live in the flower and many travel through the planes wrecking havoc including a large group in the Wild/Beastlands in The Hunt. The troops make up guards, knights and the leader is Doran Blackarm  a female warrior dressed all in black armor and red hair. Her right hand man is a mage named Valran Stonefist a shadow mage that worships Shar.

Teardrop Palace is also located on Khalas. Along the River Styx it sits with iron fences holding it in as it is made up of small shrine like buildings that the yugoloths use like a bazaar. Devils, demons, travelers, yugoloths and other outsiders are come here.

Torch is a large gatetown is built around three volcanic spires. The lower part of the town is made up of high walls and gates and the higher part is bridges that connect the towers. The sky is burning red and in the center is a red glowing portal that leads to the rest of the plane. The air is filled with sulfur gases and ash and the wind blows cold even with the heat from the magma on the ground. some of the more common spots of the town are The Festhall of the Falling Coins, The Severed Hand Guild and Daubei’s Obsure Woe.

Abaddon  is small island of rock and bone located on the River Styx. It is home to daemons such as hydroloth which are very common. The only way to the island is through the rifts from the charons on the river Styx. The ruler of Abaddon is a melaloth named Couthwaile the Crying Jackal.

Chamada is the second layer of the plane and the more savage. It slopes a lot into the lava and magma. Mini volcanoes are common here and the air itself is grey ash so i is very hard to breath.  Nimicri is a small moon that appears on the plane above a small ton of the same name. It is used for trade and very peaceful. the truth is if blood of one of the people of Nimicri is spilled the actual ground create a mimic clone of that person. The person cut or harmed will die like a dead leave of a tree. May believe the moon and the ground are living functions and the people are just a small piece of a bigger object.

Tower of Arcane is also located here. It rise high out of the lava decorated in spikes, chains and blades. The whole history of the yugoloth race can be found inside this deadly tower. It is like a massive library of the fiendish folk.

Mungoth is the third layer of the plane.It is very cold and snow is common here. Icy slopes and glaciers are located as the main characteristics of the land.

Valley of the Outcast is a massive chasm where a castle resides. This is ruled by a fire giant named Tastuo and her many children. Visitors may find this as a safe house if they can please the fire giant wizard.

Krangath is the fourth layer of plane, the pillars of dark rock matches the mountain. The land is dead and the layer is all but silence. Hopelorn is located here a stronghold home of a lich known as Melif the Lich-lord. Sarcophagi glow like street lights in the area and the necromancy can be felt in the dead silent air. Melif runs a cabal of liches and other undead like wraiths, wights and groups of yugoloths. Rumors are that Melif was once a yugoloth himself and that’s why the fiendish do not taste his dry undead blood.

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