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Draped in fine dark robes, this undead creature’s body seems to be made of equal parts bone, leathery flesh, and blood-red smoke. Ghuls are undead jann whose eternal existence was twisted by fate. As if the curse of undeath and ravenous hunger were not enough, these once-majestic creatures now bear donkey hooves as feet. Despite their horrific undead appearance, this feature shames them the most, and they hide their feet from view. Ghuls, like ghouls and ghasts, haunt cemeteries and other places of the dead hoping to feed on corpses. They also hunt mourners and grave tenders, as they enjoy the taste of living prey as well as that of the dead. Selective in their diets, ghuls choose their victims by personality, believing innocence and youth taste more delicious than the barely palatable flesh of the bitter and old. Sometimes a ghul follows a funeral procession in hyena form, keeping a safe distance until the ceremony, whereupon it changes into its true form to attack and feast. Sorrow and despair taste as delicious as innocence to a ghul.

While not directly affected by sunlight, ghuls despise its presence and only move about during the day if forced to by necessity. They primarily hunt at night, sometimes straying far from their graveyard lairs and burial caves in search of fresh prey to sate their hunger. The longer a ghul goes without feeding, the more ferocious and primal the creature becomes. A well-sated ghul organizes with others of its kind and lesser undead, tormenting nearby towns and settlements. A ghul involved with this level of organization often has a scattered set of lairs throughout the desert. These allow the ghul to strike far from its home lair and hide again without having to travel during the blistering daylight sun. When a ghul goes for too long without feeding, it becomes increasingly feral and violent—its statistics don’t change, but it grows less concerned with fleeing combat, even when it is obviously outmatched.


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The Elemental Plane of Air

The endless sky,it is one of the four elemental planes. An air-dominant place, this plane consists of endless airy space without floor or ceiling. Here the gravity is subjective, which means that creatures can “fly” by choosing the direction in which they “fall”. The weather is unpredictable, it can be calm, windy, cloudy and even huricane type weather. Smoke banks even float through the layer and block sight. It is home to air-elemental creatures and djinni.

Home of the Raven is located on the plane of air is a floating wooden lodge that stands 50 feet tall. A strange character called The Raven lives here. He is known to collect artifacts, poems, music, rugs and magic items from around the planes. He worships Oghma and loves the art. He takes the form of a black raven or his human form which is a tall thin man with long straight black hair and a pointy nose. Some believe that he could be a wereraven. He has a portal from his lodge house to the Happy Hunting Ground located in The Wilds.

Nabih’s Landhold, this large white hanging palace is controlled by Nabih a young djinn genie. He is young and dresses in red silks. His palace is surrounded by little tents that float from the gusts of winds from the plane. He controls a large group of air elementals as his servants.

The Caliph Capital is a floating ball of fire from the Elemental Plane of Fire is this palace that sits on the plane of air. This pocket of fire has a large djinn city inside. Flocks of hippogriffs are trained here as mounts and pets as the Caliph Aran Nidal enjoys them and air elementals as servants is forbidden. The buildings of the city are all white stone and pearl. The Caliph wears all white silks and can be very hostile.

Mahamas Landhold, this darker palace is smaller and very sad and sorrowful. The djinn Mahamas has not been the same since his son was killed in a thunderstorm while mining for minerals. Flying carpets are the business of this palace.

Simet the Free-Heart, the djinn Simet is located here and he is seen as the jokester and riddler. His palace sits on a node of water from the Elemental Plane of water on the plane of air. He controls a large selection of spectral hounds and mastiffs.

Urbi Lanhold  is a  small node of floating ash and smoke can be seen in the distance. The palace is ruled by a djinn named Urbi. The genie is well dressed in jewels and armor and was once a general for the Caliph. He has a large selection of jann genies that are his servants.

The Thundercloud of Sarum, a mage from the material plane settled on the Elemental Plane of Air after being exiled from his former colleagues. The wizard is elderly and has crazy white beard and hair. His tower sits in a massive thundercloud and is well protected by storms and air archons.

Spire of Felian, this spire of glass and gold is home to a wizard named Felian who has it rested on a floating piece of rock. Felian has air archons in which he sends them all over the planes to steal for him and find him rare items.

Blurophil is a  large floating city sits upon a large metal disk which is held by magic of force. Windmills are located all along the outside in which blows the spell into the city to keep it a float. Poets and artists are the most common in the city and the most common race are humans, air genasi and tieflings. The city houses about 10,000 people. The ruler of the city is King Birus VI an air genasi who lives in a tall glass and metal tower. In the center of the city is a 20 foot high wall called the Twilight Wall which splits the city in two from the poor and the wealthy.  Some of the common places are the Oracle of the Forgotten Night, Ghuntomas of Thorn and Sorrow’s Roost.

The Citadel of Ice and Steel is a massive floating castle that is home to over 100 genies. Home to gardens, courts and labyrinths and other fine areas. The castle has no stairs at all you must fly to travel anywhere within the massive palace. There is no true ruler as the Djinn fight for overlord of power here.

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This area is broken down land, from hills to desert. The land is haunted by ghosts of the lands part, sphinxs and a long forgotten kingdom of the serpent people (saaurah) that is buried deep in the sands and other forgotten cities that were once great. Deep in the sands is also a tomb to one of the Mud Sorcerer who the chosen worshipers of the Elemental god Grumbar. A long time ago a mage named Martek claimed that a massive war would happen upon the desert between an efreeti and a djinn but it never happened in his life time and many thought him to be mad.

Some of the locations of the Thornwaste are the massive stone lion of Urikel Zarl, The Tombs and Pyramid of Amun-Re, Crypt of Badr Al-mosak, The Skysea , The Ruins of Khaibar, Valley of the Pyramids.

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