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Lantern Archon

Lantern Archon

Lantern archons were celestial beings that appeared as floating balls of light glowing about as brightly as a torch. Only their destruction could extinguish the glow, though they could try to hide it.

Lantern archons were friendly beings who were curious about mortals and the mortal world. Most lantern archons never left the heavenly realm from which they originated, always serving as custodians and guides for mortal souls that had passed into the heavens. A few found their way to the mortal world, either by being summoned forth or through a random planar gate.

Despite their “lowly” status, lantern archons were content with their existence. They loved to help those in need and worked well with others. The bravery of these creatures often led them to be promoted into other forms of archons.

A lantern archon could not only hover but was fully capable of flight and could teleport as well.


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The aasimar is a humanoid creatures who are descended from celestials, angels and other creatures of good alignment. Although their celestial ancestor may be many generations removed, their presence still lingers. Aasimar are predisposed to Good alignments, but they are by no means always good. Aasimar are humans with some sign of their godly ancestors, such as golden eyes, silver hair, feathers, and are typically free of human flaw. Aasimar are normally heavy armored and carry weapons.

Aasimar are predisposed to good alignments, but other alignments, including evil, exist. The infernal counterparts of aasimars are called tieflings. Evil aasimar are considered betrayers to their own ancestors and are hunted by their own race.

Aasimar can be found throughout the outer planes of good and the Heavens. Aasimar can be found under the loyality of Selune, Sune, Lathander, Tyr, Tempus and even Mystra.


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Justicator, Angel

Justicator, Angel

The justicator is large male angel dedicated to law. They have flowing hair, large feathered wings and a great sword of power.

The justicators are unyielding hounds of law, though they possess judgment and creativity that the inevitables lack. Their goals coincide with the axiomite god-mind, but they are not beholden to it, and each justicator follows its own interpretation of law. They possess the same fiery passion as other angels, but directed at all chaotic beings, including the malignant demons, benevolent azatas, and everything in between. Their most hated enemies are the blindly chaotic slaadi, who even more than the proteans are agents of selfishness and instability. Justicators are often mistaken for angels of good due to their appearance, until they turn their shining greatswords upon freedom fighters and good-natured rogues.

Most justicators are loyal to Tyr but some of gone off the path of good as they become blind in faith due to their hatred over chaos.



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Sword Archon

Sword Archon

Sword archons  are powerful lawful good creatures from the upper planes, celestials. Sword archons are large sized beatiful humans that have massive wings of yellow, they are enforcers of the heavenly laws, its forearms can transform into holy flaming longswords. The archons can switch their arms back to normal as a free will and normally only change them to sword when in battle.

Sword archons can be located through out the Seven Heavens but more dedicated to the gods Tempus, Lathander and Sune. They travel the planes trying to rid the planes of sin.



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 The lillend is a benevolent half-snake outsider; a being from another plane. The upper body is of an attractive human, while the lower body is of a slender, coiling serpent. The upper torso is usually female, but male Lillends also exist. The lillend also has feathered wings coming from the back, feathers on the end of the tail, and feathers for hair.

The lillend is both a lover and protector of music, art, clothing, literature, and all other forms of culture.In addition to being fine at these things themselves, they defend others who create it, and seek out and punish those who despoil it. They can attack by constricting with their tails, and can cast all sorts of spells. They also sometimes carry weapons. They can also play soothing music on their harps. Being highly civilized, they will not always kill opponents and instead merely try to talk some sense into them.

In addition to being protective of art, lillends also revere untouched nature.They often form alliances with others with the same drive to protect nature. The lillend are the gatekeepers also of the Infinite Stairway located in the cosmos. They hold a close connection to both Oghma and Sune when it comes to worship.

Lillends speak Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, and Common.


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Justice Archon

Justice Archon

Justice archons are powerful lawful good creatures from the upper planes under the power of Tyr. These menacing angels resembling radiant warriors clad in bright full plate, wielding glowing greatswords. They consider themselves the purest champions of justice in Celestia. While they do not attack without provocation, they are easily incensed by the mere sight or suspicion of evil.



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Munkir and Nekir (Demon Lords)

Munkir is a demon lord who, like his brother Nekir, is the lord of the afterlife, and the back door to Paradise.

Munkir and Nekir share the Abyssal layer known as the Gates of Heaven.

Domains: Abyss, Death, Undeath, Deathbound

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