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Topaz Dragon

Topaz Dragon

Topaz dragons were selfish and had an erratic personality which made them dangerous to deal with. They are normally found in large to huge in size and have glitter yellow like scales.

Topaz dragons normally can be found on the Quasi-elemental Plane of Steam but can be found on Esperia located near sandy shores.

Topaz dragons breathed a cone of dehydration.


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Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire dragons tended to be territorial and antisocial although they loved to discuss military matters and strategy. They preferred to lair in deep, rocky caves and often kept large spiders in their home as a food source. Sapphire dragons are territorial, especially towards other dragons in the Elemental Chaos and the parts of the Material Plane that they claim as their own. These dragons are anti-social towards all beings, but view the evil races of the Underdark to be their enemies.

Sapphire dragons look much like a black dragon except their skin is shiny and blue much like a sapphire gem.

Sapphire dragons breathed a cone of sonic energy which harmed opponents and caused them to panic.

Sapphire dragons reside mostly in the Underdark or the Quasi-elemental Plane of Mineral.


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